Apigee — Simplified API management platform

  1. Should be easy to manage
  2. Should be mutually exclusive of functionalities
  3. Should not have dependencies on each other
  4. Should be able to scale independently
  5. Must goto ‘Live’ state independently
  1. Completely backed by google
  2. Covers all the lifecycles involved in API management
  3. Constantly evolving with new features
  4. Easy integrations in multi-cloud environments
  5. Highly secure architecture
  6. Plenty of documentation and resources
  7. Established developer community to support
Apigee — Components in API management
  1. The development team spends a majority of the time here framing out the API specifications, resources, methods, etc. Integrating the different services needed to serve the data back on the called request
  2. The digital product management team classify and group the different API and publishes the digital asset for the consumers
  1. Consumers create the API apps on the publisher portal depending on the needs. There are different models publishers come with for the consumers to subscribe
  2. Consumers create a client ID and secret key through their app created in the publisher portal. These values should be securely stored by the consumers as these are means to consume the API’s and every request counts against the rate plan
  3. If the secrets are compromised, the consumers can rotate the keys from the publisher portal in their app
  1. Custom reports and dashboards to visualize the data based on metrics, dimensions, filters, etc
  2. The different parameters help the API administrator to take necessary actions if needed
  1. Apigee Sense helps in identifying and alerting the administrators about suspicious API behavior
  2. Data masking/hiding, last-mile security by enforcing the proxy to present the credentials while calling the backend services, API keys, JSON threat protection policy, XML threat protection policy, Regular expression protection policy, and many more features can be utilized out of the box for securing the API’s
Apigee — What do API developers need to know?




Mobile application and connected-devices development consultant. Enthusiastic and excited about digital transformation era.

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Shankar Kumarasamy

Shankar Kumarasamy

Mobile application and connected-devices development consultant. Enthusiastic and excited about digital transformation era.

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