• Chris Castilla

    Chris Castilla

  • Mohamed Alborati

    Mohamed Alborati

    Mobile architect and Co-Founder of TeddyMozart. Focus on emerging technologies and the evolution of programming paradigms. https://linkedin.com/in/alborati/

  • priyadarshini damai

    priyadarshini damai

    Tycoonstory is the largest Online Network for Entrepreneurs & Startups.

  • Vineet Pal Singh

    Vineet Pal Singh

    - Entrepreneur, Leader and Motivator β€” Wish Me 26 May πŸŽ‚ l Proud To Be Sikh β€” CTO at @wisereputation

  • Prasanna S

    Prasanna S

  • babak karimi

    babak karimi

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